An expedition through a wondrous world
full of floating islands, sky pirates
and strange civilizations.


Discover a New World Above the Clouds

Welcome to Pinefiord. A tranquil collection of floating islands far up above the clouds, where humans and automatons alike live peacefully, side by side. While the scenery certainly is breathtaking, the nature of Pinefiord’s geographical uniqueness has proven difficult, to say the least. However, the Pinefiordians have never been known to back down from a challenge; they embrace it with all the ingenuity, knight-errantry and joy of discovery they can muster. Therefore, it’s not surprising that they’ve made aviation and engineering their main enterprise. Indeed, they dominate the aeronautical plane and Pinefiord itself has become a blossoming trading centre.

But in the misty nothingness many fathoms below Pinefiord, something ominous is lying in wait. Something … hungry. Oh, and there are also pirates. And an iron-fisted and bureaucratic navy that really lacks any sense of humour.

About the Game

In 20,000 Leagues Above the Clouds, you are the captain of an airship and its crew, on a steampunk voyage across the seven skies.

At the start of the game, you arrive in Pinefiord, a place where an airship captain can earn their success through trading, resource gathering or piracy. Every now and then, one of the friendly Pinefiordians might also ask you to do them a favour or two. Those favours, however, soon pull you into a worldwide crisis, and circumstances beyond your control will bring you and your crew to an even stranger world on the other side of the clouds…

When traveling the world of 20,000 Leagues Above the Clouds, you find cities with skyports where you can dock with your airship for supplies and upgrades. The characters there present you with their stories, and some of them may even join your crew on your journey. Those that join you provide your ship with gameplay bonuses, and open up new options for conversation along the story.

The game is currently in development by our small indie team at That Brain. To keep up with our work on 20,000 Above you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Björn – @BjornAlbihn
(art, programming, game design)

Jonatan – @JonatanCrafoord
(sound, programming, business)

Ville – @VilleEricsson
(concept art, visual design)

Alexandra – @AMeurling




Concept Art and Characters




Q: Is this game for me?

A: Of course! It will be an amazing adventure with exciting missions, fun gameplay and a beautiful game world. No matter if you are already a gamer or completely new to games we want to create something that you can enjoy.


Q: So what is it like?

A: We take a lot of inspiration from colorful worlds such as those created by Studio Ghibli (My Neighbor Totoro, Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away), and want to create an adventure game in a similar style where you are the main character. If we should compare it to other games it is a bit like Baldur’s Gate meets Pirates!, with more steampunk airships.


Q: Is it a multiplayer online game?

A: No, at least not yet. We are focusing on making a fun single-player experience. If it’s successful we would love to expand it with multiplayer later. Making a multiplayer game can be pretty demanding on its own, and we would rather do one thing really well than try to do everything at once.


Q: It looks like it would be amazing on a tablet, will it be available on tablets?

A: We’re developing the game in Unity, which can port to most established platforms. Right now we’re focusing on desktops and consoles, but tablets like the iPad could be an option later on. We’re keeping it in mind. Just like with single-player and multiplayer we want to focus on one thing at a time.


Q: Will it be free to play? What will it cost?

A: We want as many people as possible to play the game, and we don’t want anyone to feel that you need to pay extra money to get ahead. We’ll try to set a price that allows as many people as possible to experience the world of 20,000 Above.


Q: Who made this game? How many people are you?

A: 20,000 Above is being created by a small indie team in Stockholm, Sweden. We’re four people working part-time, with a handful others joining in to help us occasionally. At the moment we’re funding the development from our own pockets, without publisher involvement. This allows us to take our time and make creative decisions that are not just based on how much money we can make.


Q: When is it done? Is there a beta?

A: We’ll take the time we need to make it nice and polished, and it might be a while before it is completely done. However, we will have tests and beta versions available on the way for people to try out. You can sign up below


If you want to get notified about our progress and when we are doing beta tests, please sign up with your email address below! We won’t share it with anyone else.

Thank you for learning about our game!

That Brain – 2014


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